Avoidance Tips

Knee strike 480x31990% of Self-Protection is Prevention and Avoidance

Changing your mental game is the best self defense of all.

STREET SMART DEFENSE provides prevention tips to reduce your chances of having your property or identity stolen, being assaulted, or worse. Learn to quickly assess any environment FOR POTENTIAL THREATS and simple options to safety. Predators like distracted AND alone victims in isolated places where they have time and no witnesses. Avoid these places.

Avoid places where men tend to over-drink.
E.g., bars, sports events, rock concerts

FACT: Most fights occur between men who have been drinking alcohol. By avoiding places where people over-drink you dramatically reduce your chances of being involved in a verbal and/or physical assault.

Apologize and walk away.
If you are verbally or physically confronted, the first line of defense is to apologize as you walk away. The further away you are from the potential attacker(s), the greater the chance of de-escalating the incident.


Contrary to what some people believe, a physical altercation is much more than a few profane words, shoves or punches. It can result in:

  • Lawsuits and criminal records
  • Permanent injury and mental anguish
  • Loss of privacy, property and net worth

… all because your EGO SEDUCED you into believing some agitated person’s words were a threat to your safety.

Think about the possible outcomes of your PHYSICAL actions while you are calm and rational, and embed them deep into your mind.
It’s always better to talk and walk away than to risk injury, criminal records, lawsuits and huge legal expenses.

Physically engaging someone should be a last resort!

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