Participant Comments

Participant Comments

"Steve is an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor, who helps his students come up with practical strategies to avoid dangerous situations in their lives, and how to respond with appropriate non-lethal force if avoidance fails. The training he provides is focused and valuable." ~ E. Ogletree, NRA Firearms Instructor "This is a must have course for anyone interested in Personal Safety." ~ Dr. Blackman "The techniques taught in Street Smart were natural and organic. I found the workshop practical, simple and effective." ~ H. Posner, Black Belt Instructor, Ninjitsu "You have shown me to be more aware of my surroundings and more confident to defend myself. I strongly recommend Street Smart Defense." ~ M. Acosta

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  1. July 2018 Phoenix, AZ
    Steve recently facilitated a Street Smarts training for my company. Wow! I highly recommend this training. Steve engaged each employee, created a safe environment for learning, and provided readily available and memorable tools that everyone could immediately start using; from situational awareness to de-escalation to defense, or as Steve calls it, “Stun and Run” techniques. As a larger group, 23+, Steve had no problem including everyone in the hands on part of the training and ensuring that everyone was learning, practicing and understanding the importance of keeping safe. Steve even helped build confidence in those who might not be likely to have it! It’s not that you go looking for trouble, but when trouble comes looking for you…you’re ready! Thank you, Steve. We appreciate your time and expertise.CEO- Family Services Aides

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