Self Defense for Busy People Workshops


Short . Simple. Street Smart Self-Defense

Become STREET SMART …in a few hours — GUARANTEED!


There are so many choices in learning self defense , but how many can prepare you in a few hours for real life scenarios.


MMA, Krav Maga, Brazilian Ju -Jitsu have overshadowed many of the traditional martial arts in the past 30 years, but for those individuals that DO NOT want to spend months or years learning complicated skills, my STUN AND RUN workshops are the answer. 



For over 20 years,  my short, simple and profoundly easy to apply skills have empowered adults from every community to defend themselves.



1. Street Smart 101– Our most requested course. This 3-4 hour  hands on self-defense system was created for the street. Any teenager to senior can attend.

2. PERSONAL TRAINING- This series of private lessons is ideal for professionals that want to learn simple self-defense  in a  one on one or one on two personal class. 

3. Protecting your Castle- One hour interactive session offering proven strategies to protect your home, your ID and your motor vehicle from theft and intrusion. Great for HOA, property managers and community groups.